Pipped egg over 24 hours not hatching


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Mar 14, 2014
I'm currently incubating 12 eggs, I have had 4 eggs hatch so far, the rest of them I think are infertile. There is one egg though that pipped on day 21 and still has not hatched it's almost day 23 so it has almost been 48 hours since it pipped. I know things can go wrong even after they pipped but the chick is still alive I can see his beak out of the hole and he has been moving it and slowly make the pip bigger and he has been rocking the egg, which I have never seen because usually they just pip then zip around the egg. So I was wondering if you think it will still hatch or if I should try to help it which I know a lot of people are against but I don't want to leave it because it's alive and I can still see it breath and try to break the shell.


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Jul 16, 2015
I would start enlarging the pip hole to see if you see blood yet, if yes let it go, if no than I would free it's head and leave it to kick out. Sometimes they do need help. Sometimes when I see blood I still enlarge the hole so it can breath.

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