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Jul 6, 2018
I want to turn this playhouse into a secondary coop for my flock for some of the small girls who dont want to roost with the big girls but im not sure how to go about turning it into a coop. Suggestions on what you would do



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If it was me I would

Where the two windows are opposite each other, drill holes in the walls below the windows to secure a roost. If you can’t secure a roost in the plastic, make a roost that slopes up against the wall.

Cover windows with some sort of screening, depending on your area and how secure your run is, you may want to completely board the windows or just screen them.

Make a door that can be closed if needed.

But that is just me
some of the small girls who dont want to roost with the big girls
Might be better to figure out why this is happening.
If you could explain the situation and post pics of that coop, we could help.

Tho that might make a decent isolation coop, it would be tricky to do.
Attaching fasteners to plastic needs just the right touch and hardware.
Making the openings weather proof is another challenge.
Also, it's small.... so may be hard to maintain.
How big is it, in feet by feet?

Have seen a few pretty good ones over the years,
you might find them by browsing these threads:[title_only]=1

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