Please add "THREAD STARTER" note to mobile threads


6 Years
May 11, 2013
Eastern WA
On the browser version of BYC, there is a note at the top of each message that says "THREAD STARTER" if the person posting that message was the person who started the whole thread. Some threads I find are most worth reading from the original poster's point of view. This designation of "THREAD STARTER" is missing from the mobile version of BYC, at least on an iPad. I would love to see this added to the mobile version.

BTW, I am one of those users that regularly switches between a PC and an iPad to interact with BYC. I know there is a balance you need to strike between functionality and form, especially when it comes to mobile devices, as too much info can be hard to see and not very usable. Perhaps "OP" (original poster) or "TS" (thread starter) would be a good compromise?

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