Please help, chicken may be egg bound or something else..


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Hi everyone, my RSL has been struggling since 5 PM yesterday. Starting at 5, we noticed she was standing erect and not moving in the yard during free range time. She just stood there for 45 minutes without moving. I placed her on the side of the house with the other chickens around 6 and she proceeded to go into the bushes and continue the same behavior- standing erect, butt in the air, straining her butt a bit. She did this until bed time around 830. I put her in the coop and she laid a very big and hard egg in the nest box with a white band on it. I thought that was it but she continued with the standing, butt up behavior. We gave her a warm bath and then brought her back out to the coop at 9 PM. When I checked again at 10 she had laid a shell less egg. So within 2 hours she laid 2 eggs. I thought she would be OK after that but she continues to struggle. She does not seem to be pooping. She is not eating or drinking. Her vent is still in the air. She was on the floor of the roost just sitting like that when I came out at 330 AM. We have no avian vets even remotely close to us and all stores are closed till 9 AM.

Does anyone have any advice on what this could be? I thought it meant egg bound but she passed 2 eggs last night in close succession.


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Apr 3, 2011
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Give her a human calcium tablet with vitamin D orally in the back of her throat—she should be able to swallow it whole. Calcium citrate or other is fine. Tums works as well, but offer a bit of canned tuna or egg yolk for some D. Calcium can help to pass the egg.

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