Please help, I have an urgent ?

outback hatcher

10 Years
Nov 15, 2009
Franklin, Ga (Heard co.)
I locked down my eggs last night and when I got home from work a few minutes ago there was 2 that hatched already.
my question is one of them is dead and I think its insides are on the outside in the bottom of my incubator is it okay to open it long enough to remove the dead one and do a quick clean up?
Yes, but plan how to do it first so you can do it really quickly. Grab te chick and what you can of the other bits in a paper towel and put another one over the bits left. Just so the other's won't peck. Better to do it while there's none others pipped.
In this case, yes. Just use damp paper towels to clean up, and be quick.

Hope all the rest are okay.
I just removed the dead chick and did a quick clean up.
While I was doing this 2 more hatched so I'm hoping this will turn out ok for them.

I also moved the tray to the bottom of the bator so no more will fall down although this is the first time out of all the eggs i hatched this has happened.

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