PLEASE HELP! My chick has just started sneezing repeatedly!PANICKING!

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  1. chickiyo

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    Jun 21, 2010
    I was just rounding up my two chicks, right now to put them in their hutch for the night when I noticed my black chick, repeatedly started sneezing! She just kept sneezing, and sneezing! She did not sneeze like this an hour ago! I am so scared, I have no idea what happened to her!

    Has she been stung by a bee, has she contracted some disease? Please PLEASE PLEASE help. I have become so attached to these two chicks, I don't know I would do if I lost one of them, I got them a while after I lost my other pet to help me get over the loss.

    Both the chicks are one and a half months old. We use paper shreddings as bedding and they have graduated to sleeping outside in the chicken hutch recently. These are the only two chickens I have. The one who is sick is a black Brahma chick, and her sister is a Buff Orpington. So far they have been perfectly healthy, no runny poop, eyes, or nose. They have been very active and are outside pecking for bugs in their big run all day. The sneezing just recently started, around an hour ago.

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    Jun 27, 2010
    It seems a little young to be sleeping outside. What is the low temperature at night? Are they on chick starter? I think that has antibiotics.

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