please help.... poorly newly hatched chick


8 Years
Jan 13, 2012
my 4 silkie eggs a=have hatched, 3 are doing fine and look strong and healthy and full of life.

the last one has been trying to get out for over a day so i helped start the shell off a bit. i went away and came back to find the other chicks had knocked this one to the other side of the incubatot (a lesson learned) it has come out but there was a little blood and the chick hasnt moved away from the shell

it seems to be still attached to the egg and looks very weak. it so sad.

ive moved the other 3 chicks to the brooder to give this one some space and got the temp at 35c and humidity at around 65%. its pretty much out of the egg but still attached and looks so weak its really worrying me

what can i do to help it...?

any ideas please
Put a little water on your finger, and give it some water. If it takes it then give it some plain yogurt in the same way. The enzymes in the yogurt really help with sick chickens, so that might help. You can also try giving it some honey, but only a very small amount. Hope it lives!

Guys! I agree with Silkie Chick. Hope it lives and is happy, and good luck!!!!
How long has it been laying next to the egg? Do you realize how hard and strenuous it is to break out of an egg lol. There may be something wrong with it but it may just be exhausted.

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