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Mar 4, 2018
I've been a backyard chicken owner for about a year now and everything has been going great until about five days ago.
I opened my chicken coop to do my daily feed, water, and loving and I noticed one of the three hens weren't getting up and eating. I let her be for about two hours just thinking she was maybe laying an egg, when I came back she still wouldn't move. I took her out of the coop so the other hens wouldn't mess with her. I took her in my room, gave her food and water, even magnesium, and electrolytes. I though she might be egg bound but it's been five days and she just keeps loading weight. We've been giving her Epsom salt baths, hand feeding her yogurt,bird feed, water, and vitamins but she hasn't gotten any better. I don't know how to help her..
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I moved the thread to the emergencies section.

I hope she gets better!

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FYI OP has another thread going on this in same forum. This thread was posted in another forum by OP and moved by an admin. OP is trying to get some help. We should probably use the other thread in this forum.

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