please keep my prego daughter in your prayers


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Apr 6, 2009
kountze texas
I know I have been asking for alot of prayers lately... well we need more.
my pregnant daughter has a spot on her cervix and they rechecked it yesterday and it is getting bigger. they cant do a biopsy until after her baby is born. the doctor told her not to stress about it right now since there is nothing they can do right now. she is only 7 months prego and they want her not to stress until after the baby is born. Please pray that its nothing serious. and that the rest of her pregnancy is ok. thank you in advance
did they say whether it is a white spot on her cervix or what looks to be a cyst growing on her cervix?? I pray your daughter and baby will be fine.
I think a white spot. he says not to stress since there is nothing they can do until after the baby is born
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the reason I was asking is because I had a white spot on my cervix turns out it was bacterial, caused by too many sugary drinks like pop and sweetened juice and sugary foods. I reduced my sugar intake dramatically and it slowly went away, but they also gave me antibiotics once my pregnancy was over. Pretty much it was excess yeast collected on my cervix from excess sugar, which is bad regularly but worse during pregnancy. I had constant yeast infections throughout my pregnancy with my son, until I cut out the refined sugar.
what ever it is the doctor is gonna put her in the hospital to do a biopsy 6 weeks after the baby is born. cervical cancer runs alot in our family. That is the only reason I am so worried. what ever it is the doctor is watching it closely.
she doesnt eat alot of sweets and hasnt had any yeast infections yet. hopefully its nothing to worry about

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