Please tell me about the Cobb aka Blue Foot chicken

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15 Years
Sep 30, 2007
I have the opportunity to but a few (3) of these birds but can't find much information about them. Can they be used as dual purpose? Are they picky eaters/hard keepers and can they be raised/bred with RIR'S
Does no one know about these or are they not worth the $6 price tag. The breeder says they should be laying any day. I will hopefully be breeding them with a RIR rooster.
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This is only one thing I could find on them...I'd not ever even heard of them before!

The Cobb or Blue Foot chicken is an American variety of the French Pullet de Breese breed. It does resemble other chicken breeds, however, the Cobb Chicken has a red comb and white feathers and steel-blue feet. Usually, these Cobb Chickens are slaughtered later than most of their cousin chickens and their feet can be left on for unique presentation. The price of a Cobb can be ten times higher than other poultry breeds and you can get this chicken breed with the head and feet intact. The existence of the Cobb has been credited to Peter Thiessen and Bob Shipley and their breeding techniques used in the late 1980’s.

Also, here is a link of a farm that produces and sells them to markets.
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I found that. Most of the posts on BYC pertain to the males and nothing on the females. OH well I guess I will find out over time if they will work as dual purpose. They will be in a coop with a run and will cut back on the feed to minimize the problems I saw with the males.
From what I gathered they are primarily raised for meat and not for laying hens. Hope you find more info!
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