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    Please tell me to stop shopping for chicken coops. Please tell me this is enough room for my 3 hens. I love having chickens. I mean obsession! If they broke up with me I would stalk them, kind of love. I am constantly looking for new and improved coops and ideas and feeding and dust bath etc.

    Problem is we rent, were military and will move again in 9-24 months (long story) and were on the down low even having these 3 hens. Our county permits hens but the city does not. My neighbors do not mind and frankly every neighbor has been very very supportive and interested.

    So the coop run was just to small for them, I made a new run area from pvc. They seem much happier and love to go running out in the morning now. They go back and forth all day long from coop to run.

    I have put in a new cup waterer and have NO drip or nasty water problems. Solved the problem with them swiping the food out of the feeder by putting some plastic chicken fencing over the top as a guard.

    The humidity goes up at night but its washington, its never much more than the outside humidity. I have figured out that they needed more ventilation and I have provided that by stopping the lid from shutting at about 1/4 in so it vents the entire coop from the top letting the warmer air out. So far it works great I can get the humidity down to very close to outside humidity day and night.

    I have started selling my extra clutter on craigslist and have a tin can with a chicken on it holding the money. (its my chicken spending money) Did I mention I am obsessed with them?

    I need to be told its enough.

    I have plans for a dust bath in that back empty area in the coop, they really don't go in there much now its part of the built in nest box but it was huge and I divided it an sectioned it off.

    Soooo am I done? Is this acceptable for 3 hens to be happy and lay happy chicken eggs?

    If so I can start obsessing about the garden.

    I have CCDO, its the same as Chicken OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) but the letters are in alphabetical order as they should be, lol.
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    I love your set-up! you might want to give them another chicken tractor added to first one because they will kill the grass pretty fast. When you change your pop door you might want to put a board across the bottom of the opening to keep the shavings in, just make sure that it's taller than your shavings are deep. Happy chicken keeping[​IMG]
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    You have come to the wrong place unless you want to be encouraged in your obsession! I was expecting some really dramatic spending spree. I'm not too nuts and even I have a large coop, three tractors and a rabbit hutch i use for broodies...... well maybe I am too nuts [​IMG]
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    I'm one of those folks practicing free range chicken keeping. Well, they get all of .62 acre; it's fenced. Anyway, understand my thoughts are tempered by that, even though I fully understand suburban chicken keeping. (I moved to get out of such restrictions.)

    I use coops of that size as grow-out coops for youngsters. For adult chickens, three is the MAXIMUM you could keep in that coop, and I'd like to see a much larger run for 'em. The general rule is 4 square feet PER CHICKEN inside the coop and 10 square feet per chicken in a run. MINIMUM. I think you could get away with 3 chickens in that coop only because they use it just for egg laying and roosting at night. But they'd need more run space.

    I loved your video - and it was great how you worked to save floor space by putting the feeder and waterer on the wall. I hate those sideways sliding door things, too, for the same reason.

    Don't ask ME for help in stopping coop shopping - I had seven coops of various kinds and sizes before I moved to this property and just had the 3-sided garage transmorgrified into a huge chicken coop. I still look at 'em online because I just might want to start breeding pure .... somethings.... One never knows.

    "Ooooh - look! There's a pretty chicken - I don't have one of THOSE in my flock!!!" is what tends to drive my obsession. Your mileage may vary.
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    "Stop shopping for chicken coops. This is enough room for your 3 hens." And it looks really nice, as well as comfy for your girls. I bet if I was a chicken, your set-up would make me happy.

    Are you composting your used chicken poop & shavings? That will help your gardening, as well. It sounds like you are neglecting your other, equally important obsession, so that's one suggestion for letting the two coexist.[​IMG]
  6. Mattemma

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    Aug 12, 2009
    Nice blog. Spend the cash on treats and things for your girls. You um could always buy a shed to use as a coop,but it could easily be used for storage by the next owner/renter.
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    LOL I needed that! Yes I am composting if you call putting it all in a pile behind the garage. I try to stir it once a week. I need my husband to build me a composter but the Army keeps sending him away. The garden plans are underway.
  8. saltnprepper

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    I wish we could move out of the city. We are stuck here until my husband is out of the Army we live where they tell us to. I want more but your right and I know this is my max for now.
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    I feel your pain.....[​IMG] just can't stop looking at new coops on this site....and beware of "chicken math". it's deadly. Enjoy your girls (and their delish eggs!)
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    Always glad to help. [​IMG][​IMG]
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