Plush Stuffed Silkie chickens, Decals , CritterJewelry and more

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    New - Handmade Plush Silkies & Showgirls (Other Breeds coming soon) made from high quality materials from my own pattern. Each is made to order and can be customized to your wishes.
    (FB follower discount pricing)
    Large Silkies(12" tall) starts at $60
    Small Silkies (7" tall) starts at $40
    Add facial features to Silkies (eyes, ear tuff, ear lobes etc... add $20)
    Showgirls (7" tall) starts at $65 (comes with facial features. Choose bearded,non, stripper)


    Decals - $10 Critter decals from my own artwork. You will only find these designs on my sites (unless they were stolen from me). Don"t see what you are looking for? Just ask and I'll design it or order the color you need.

    check out for more Decals, Critter Jewelry and more examples of my work.
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