Police Seize Chicks Without A Warrant! ****PHOTOS ADDED****

Unbelievable. I hope she wins her battle and then sues them for monetary damages.
OK, now wait just a minute. The POLICE did not decide to take the womans chickens- if you read the article it says:

"...Richardson had hoped would prevent the town from enforcing its Sept. 17 order limiting Rubalcaba to a single rooster until after her appeal is heard."

The woman has an ongoing legal issue over her farming in a residential community. The article does not say what the zoning is for her area, whether the town ordnance allows poultry or businesses where she is. Obviously, she is potentially violating something if she is under court order. The article also goes on to say that a good number of roosters were removed by her to be slaughtered. This woman isn't keeping a couple chickens for her family and friend use, she is running a business from her home. No matter the nature of the business, most of us live places that do not allow us to run businesses out of our homes that require an increase in traffic and disturbance to the neighborhood. She is not a farmer on a farm, she is a woman in a community.

The Police did not decide to take her poultry- don't blame them. The Judge signed the order, the police don't make these decisions, they simply enforce what they are told to do.

As a disclaimer, I am married to a police officer. He doesn't decide to take someones animals or children, but if told by a judge to do it, he does it, or he loses his job. The definition of law enforcement is enforcement, not decision.

I defend anyones right to have chickens- but what is going on here is a complete violation of good sense, which in turn makes it harder for those of us doing the poultry legally.
No matter what my opinion on this whole thing, that is CRIMINAL!! What right did they have to do that, and who the heck does that lady think she is?! Especially if she wouldn't say anything????
All I can say if that woman is that good at sexing, where is she at, I want her here
I need my Silkie chicks sexed.

I think if she had already removed 12 roosters, then she was trying to comply. Those chicks were not even crowing, they are way too young to crow.

If it would have been me, I would have have put my roosters in the garage or even brought them in my house, so that the neighbors did not have to listen to them crowing.

I also agree with Countrywife. A Police Officer has to enforce what a Judge orders. But, I would also think that a Judge would issue a warrant? I could be wrong.
A warrant is a legal document to search the person or premise of someone. An order was issued to seize the animals. A warrant is not required, nor is it legally appropriate.

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