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Newby question - I put a black frizzle roo in with my polish hens. Just starting to get hatchlings, 4 so far. I put eggs in as I collect, so will be getting 2-3 daily. All 4 have the black or almost black color of the roo, and 3 have feathered feet, but no top hats yet. Anybody know of the percentage that I should expect to come out 1) frizzled, and 2) top hat frizzle?

You are breeding them with a frizzled cochin? Theoretically, you should get 50/50 smooth and frizzle. As for them having "top hats", probably none of them will be vaulted and they will have minimal crest as they feather in. You will be able to tell in a couple of days how many are frizzled.
Yes, a frizzled cochin is the roo. Wondering if I will have do the second generation and breed back to polish roo to get the frizzled polish? I really would like to have some.

You'll have to breed back to Polish for many years before you'll remotely get the Polish type again. My suggestion is that if you want pure Polish chicks, breed your Polish hens with a Polish rooster.

Plenty of frizzled polish if you look for them.

But to answer the question asked, all the offspring should have crests, although they will almost certainly be smaller that the polish parent. Since polish are required to have vaulted skulls (so it might make a difference if the origin of polish is a hatchery vs a breeder), chances of the offspring having vaulted skulls is fair. Both crest and vaulted skulls are caused by the same dominant gene, Cr.
I previously had a polish roo in w/my polish hens. Have about 30 hatchlings. So, not trying to get pure polish. Trying for polish frizzles. Right now 4/4 have no visible raised skull at all. The only frizzle roos I have access to are frizzle cochins.
These two birds hatched from some eggs that I bought last summer. They are the first-generation result of a frizzled Cochin/Polish cross (happily, they both wound up frizzled!) They did not have vaulted skulls, and they were a week or more old before their crests became evident. They were about 4 months old when these pictures were taken; they both just started laying this week. I think the partridge has more of the Cochin type, the red a bit more of the Polish (particularly, a longer neck). The red has the funniest looking comb I have ever seen. It has multiple slender points, arranged in a sort of double row, it now looks almost like a crown.

Cute ones. Thanks for the pics. I'm thinking that is going to be what mine are going to look like, only black.

I would love to have a frizzled polish rooster for breeding. I have WC blue, splash, WC black, buff laced and silver laced hens. Cannot find BC white and have looked everywhere for tolbunts without success.
Frizzle is not a breed; it is a characteristic that can be found in any/all breeds, although it is probably most common in cochins. Are you saying you want a cochin/polish cross that is frizzled? Or a frizzled polish? Not the same thing.

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