Polish "Top Hat" hatching eggs, 6+


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Feb 1, 2010
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These guys are the clowns of the bird world, always doing something amusing . I just love watching them run around searching intently for bugs while the rooster stands guard. The hens lay a fairly large white egg. Some folks actually trim their feathers so they can see better. I love their rock star hairdos . My flock is mixed color right now. I have a white rooster, a white crested blue rooster , splash, buff lace and silver lace hens. I have hatched chicks from this pen and so far I have gotten splash babies, black babies, and white babies. These roosters are not aggressive, they are both good natured. I will not keep a mean rooster for breeding. I wrap each egg individually, and double box for shipping. However I can't guarantee your hatch rate. I do include extras as available. If you have questions, pm me.I do combine shipping if you win more than one auction. If you have any problems with one of my shipments, please contact me so i can rectify the issue. I love happy hatchers!

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