Polish with possible brain damage-update

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  1. My polish, Tiki, was getting pecked by the other chickens so we took her out of the coop and fed her seperately. Her feathers started to grow back and her head healed. This morning, while I was at school, my mom was feeding the chickens and let Tiki in the coop. When I got home I couldnt find her anywhere so I looked in the coop and she was running around trying to avoid getting pecked. I got her out but she could barely even balance. I took her in the house and put her in a dark, quiet kennel with food and water. Do you think the brain damage will go away over time? Is there something else I should give her? Thanks
    (she is the chicken in my avatar.)

    update~ She seems to be doing alot better and has regained her balance. Shes up and moving but doesnt come when i call her like she used to.
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    I think you're just going to have to wait and see. Make sure she eats and drinks. Try some yogurt. Give her some vits and electrolytes. Hope she is just shook up.
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    awww, how sad !!!! Her chicken friends dont like her [​IMG].... Sure hope she is ok !!!!! [​IMG]
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    could just be weak from the others not letting her eat or drink.
    separate with food and water, with cooked egg and a little plain yogurt...
    give Poly-vi-sol vitamins..(below)

    could have "Crook Neck"...(sometimes called Wry Neck)
    give Poly-vi-sol liquid baby vitamins, Enfamil brand preferably, no iron.., 3 drops on beak twice a day for 3 days, then once a day for a week, tapering off for a week.
    also give some Vitamin E ..a little from a capsule in her feed.

    do a search for Crook Neck..
    sometimes they need treatment with prednisone.

    link to dlh's Crook Neck treatment:

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    Like many animals Polish are brutal to a sick chick they weed out if they feel she isn't breedable can be for a 1,000
    reasons consider it a pet and keep seperate until you find one that will chill with it -
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    this so often happens with polish... I think you may need to think on the very real possibility that she may never be able to range with the other birds.
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    I hope to hear a better update on Tiki, I have always smiled when I see her picture on here.
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    I have a polish too and my other hens and roo that are like 10 weeks older have really pecked him and a frizzle up. Poor Q-tip has no Q-tip anymore, it is sad and my frizzle has a bare butt. The frizzle is seperated and soon Q-tip will have to be too. Why can't they all just love each other? [​IMG]
  9. Quote:Ya, she never liked other chickens anyways so shes going to be out special indoor chicken.

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