Announcement Political Ads On BYC - Not Gonna Happen!


Apr 23, 2020
Southeast TN
I didn’t even know you offered paid memberships, until the previous political announcement post. I haven’t really dug into it but I think it would be an excellent bday present hint if someone could steer me in the right direction.
I wish my eyes had ad blocker!! I have never seen so many signs and flags! Large flags! Some people even have them on their roofs around. Here:eek:
You know I was just talking to someone who briefly mentioned driving through Ohio and seeing a bunch of signs out. Didn't know it was THAT many dang lol.

Oh and just wanted to add a THANK YOU for no politic stuff. Everybody wants to take that stuff everywhere and it just ruins things for people who are looking to steer away/retreat from it so this is awesome.

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