Pool cleaning?


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7 Years
Sep 11, 2012
Last week I got 4 Ancona ducks who did not have the best life before they met me. Now they have good feed lots of water and someone who cares about them. They did not have water to swim before so they are in the pool most of the day. My question is how often should I clean their pool. I just drained cleaned and refilled it this morning but it's all dirty in my opinion again. Can it be stirred up and dirty for a few days or does it need drained and cleaned daily?
we dump and refill all small pools daily as well as buckets for drinking water. All large pools are done every 2-3 days during late fall/winter. Summer it is daily cleaning for everything.
Every couple of days, right now i am mud city, it was sad to see it muddied out within 5 seconds of being cleaned but such is life.. in REALLY hot, humid times it maybe need more frequent changes to avoid algae growth.

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