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8 Years
May 29, 2011
Our Buff Orps have taken several swims in the pool recently and could not get out. They always swim for the shallow ledge in the skimmer and hang out in about 3 1/2 inches of water and wait for rescue. So I built a safety prototype. Its basically a 2x6 for them to step out on in case of emergency. The 2x6 blocks the Chick from entering the skimmer, but still lets leaves float underneath. Now I wait for them to test it out. I will post pics when the forum allows me to.


That is amazing. My daughter wants to see if our girls can swim. Not sure about putting them in the pool. I am sure they would put up a good fuss. Might feel good in this AZ heat though. (DH did add a mist system to their run)

Would love to see a pic of your gals swimming.

I do like your idea for the step. We bought a Skamper Ramp online for our dogs. It is easier for them to see then trying to find the steps to get out.



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I have kind of wondered about this, with the backyard chicken craze. I know mice and squirrels sometimes drown in a friend's pool.

On the other hand, I didn't think turkeys could swim either. Then last summer our dog flushed a momma hen with a pile of chicks in the brush next to our pond. While the hen flew at the dog, the chicks scattered in all directions. Three actually rolled down the bank and tumbled into the water. I rushed to "rescue" them only to see them paddling speedily across the pond like baby ducks! The ran up the opposite bank peeping for mama, their down still mostly fluffy!
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