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    i know, a gross subject :sick, but recently my baby chick which is cricket my barrad plymouth rock hen
    has really big... turds...... but the bird its self is really tiny, she fits perfectly in my hand. shes catching up to peep feather wise but the size, not so much. im scared that cricket is pooping out all her food and not getting any nutrition or things that she needs to grow and survive :idunno. cricket is usually quiet if im holding her but when i only hold peep.. it becomes really loud in my house..

    the normal poop size for peep is like a nickel or quarter but crickets is the size of peeps head... im scared and i dont know what to do to make cricket not die from not getting enough food..:hit
  2. Does it look like there's undigested food in Cricket's poop? How old is Cricket and Peep?
    If Cricket feels thin, (sharp breastbone) then you might need to get her some vitamins. But if she feels the same as Peep's breastbone I think you're okay.
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    No the poop is normal but its huge.. and the breastbone is the same for both of them, thin, but not too thin.
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  4. Then I think everything will be fine :D just check occasionally to make sure Cricket doesn't get thinner than Peep. Cricket's large poo may be hereditary, but as long as it looks normal and not watery or bloody, she should be getting the nutrients she needs :)
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