Poop, deep litter, dirt run...etc. Indulge me?


Oct 13, 2008
Quote:Yeah, I live in the tropics, so lemongrass will grow into huge perennial clumps here that can be cut almost to ground level frequently. I also use it to mulch garden beds. It has few or no nodes, like cane grasses or buffalo grass, just the long thin leaves and stalks, so it doesn't root when I lay it down, which is obviously a plus as a mulch. Any similar grass would work just as well, but by a twist of fate lemongrass just happens to be what I have a lot of...


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Sep 28, 2008
I decidedly do NOT live in the tropics, I don't imagine lemongrass thriving much at all around these parts!


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Jun 1, 2011
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I am glad I found this post... I am late and if I repeat sorry...
I have used the shavings inside the coop, but the humidity alone here has made the shavings damp and the I have noted a smell that I have never had before. It is not bad, but I had not noticed it before. I have thought about changing to straw or something different but idk. I actually raked and shoveled everything out in fear of mold because we have had a lot of rain. The coop is completly enclosed but still the humidty and just wet damp air has everything damp. As for the run, we had a large run, and made it even larger, it had a lot of vegitation initially but then the chickens have eaten down, and now we have mud, mud and more mud.... idk what is poop or mud! I considered planting something in it, mature obviously but wasn't sure how long that would last or what is the best thing to plant.. I considered sand but this would be 100 plus bag of sand fix... I have considered just biulding a smaller run to rotate them any suggestions???


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May 11, 2011
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Quote:To get rid of the mud I'd suggest sloping the ground in the run to get water to run off. Much like you'd do for a patio. We bought sand from a landscaping supply by the yard. A yard cost $26. It's a one time effort and makes drainage as well as cleanup so easy. We have 4" in the run and 2"-3" in the coop. No mold or dampness issues, nor creepy crawlies like mites, fleas, earwigs, flys, etc. We dust the coop with diatomaceous earth (DE) to kill those creepy little varmints, too.

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