poopy & scabby butts- what type of mites?


10 Years
Mar 28, 2009
fredonia, wi
I know two of our cops have mites. Noticed poop build up on two bantams. Suspicious of mites they came inside to get inspected & cleaned up. Lots of dried poop and crusty scabs on their bottoms. The gross job had to be done, they needed to be washed, shampood and blow dried. Lots of tiny brown dots in the sink, which were indeed moving.
Ok, We had mites. Decided to use ivermectin orally, take care of worms and parasites.7 days later We saw one more poopy hen, washed her up, lots of dark specs, only a few were moving. Was not planning on following up with frontline spray until 10 days for hatched eggs.
So, could eggs hatch this quick? Ivermectin usually knocks everything dead.
What type of mites could these be? I know they some live in the coop areas.

The cops were all cleaned out and pyrethian sprayed in end of summer, along with birds.
One of the coops was showed in Nov and was frontline sprayed when they left the show.

Any ideas of what these teen tiny blood suckers are?
a picture would be helpful. I have noticed that frontline seems to be loosing it's effectiveness though...I would also sevin dust, and though lots of people have said DE doesn't work for them, It has worked for me, and I would recommend it along with your other pest control measures.

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