Poor Baby.....


Silkie Daddy
9 Years
Jan 27, 2010
Went out to my pen this morning and found one of my poor black australorp hens hiding in a dark corner. I instantly knew something was wrong with her, so I went over to check on her. She was bleeding profusely, was missing feathers on her head, and she only had one eye.
I was devastated. I looked around and saw blood on the old english rooster and I froze in anger
I have decided that I am getting rid of my old english rooster and hen. When my neighbor had to move and asked me if I would take care of them, I said yes out of kindness, but the hen and rooster have already killed two of my other birds. I have always raised calm, loving silkies and can't stand these evil, mean-spirited birds. (Have never kept my silkies with the Old English or near them, in case any of you thought that, only large, birds) Only out of kindness and understanding am I letting these two live instead of killing them and eating them. I am putting an add in The Swapper(a local periodical) to see if anyone wants these two birds
I will tell potential buyers of their murderous past and if no-one buys them in a few weeks, they shall reside in my stomach.
Just breaks my heart thinking about my poor hen....She never did anything wrong
Reminds me of that unfortunate saying- "No good deed goes unpunished!" That really stinks! Get rid of those birds, one way or another! Good luck!
Are they standards or bantams? MY OEGB rooster is a pooh bear...but I worry because I know what he's capable of. Poor girl, you are a stronger chick than I am because he'd be on the table tonight. I don't like violence in my coop! LOL
Unless I had a cage or somewhere else to separate the violent roo to. I don't think it would receive amnesty from me. and not at all out of anger or hurt feelings. but from a sojnd flock management decision. You have a flock you are well pleased with and have worked to keep at a temperament that works for you. every moment it is exposed to the roo is one more moment that work can become unraveled. My sweetie would be stoken up the BBQ as I headed to the coop. actually i probably would have been dragging his carcass back from the coop with me the first time. I have not had any sort of animal I raised that did not have individuals that had to be separated and removed. some of them are just plain mean and nothing is going to change that.
Well, I forgot to mention that the two birds that were killed earlier were somewhat younger birds that managed to get into the pen with these Old English. I instantly patched up the hole they used to get in there, but it really saddened me because they were both my favorite hens. What really upset me this time was that the OE attacked the black australorp hen, which was also a "gift" from my neighbor and had been raised with the OE its entire life. There is also a red hen of unknown breed that was given to me with the OE and the black australorp, but she has never been attacked by the OE. So, my neighbor gave me a total of four birds, all of which had been living together their entire life. When I received the birds from him, I put all of them in their own quarters so that they wouldn't pick on my other birds. This is why I was so surprised that the OE rooster attacked her. The OE hen and rooster are now in their own coop away from all other birds, awaiting their fate.
I completely understand how you feel. I had a mean White Rock rooster that tore up 2 of my very friendly Buff Orpingtons 2 years ago. I had to dispose of the rooster and I tried to help heal the BO's,but it was just too much and had to put them down,it hurt.

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