Poor Hen! Monster Egg!


10 Years
Jun 5, 2009
This is what I found in the nesting box today! It's twice as large as the other eggs and malformed. I haven't cracked it open yet! I sure feel sorry for the poor hen that laid it!


Sure you don't have a goose hiding somewhere?

Seriously, one of my hens has also been laying huge eggs (about 3.8 ounces--almost equal to 2 large eggs) quite often! It does make me worry and every day when I go out to gather eggs, I look around to make sure she's okay. So far, so good! I thought it was an early laying "glitch" when she laid the first one but this has been going on for some time--she's been laying since January and I got at least 5 of these huge eggs so far, with the last one being today. The others have been large (Jumbo), so I have named her "Miss Texas"!

Good luck!
Is she young or just started laying? When my gals began laying I found numerous double yokers and a few "ouch" eggs, but the longer they lay, the more "normal" they have become. I kinda miss those double yokers though!
My hens have been laying since I got them as pullets last June even throughout our cold Indiana winter. I've gotten a few other oddly shaped, large eggs but this has them all beat! There was no blood and all five of my girls are walking around normally! The eggs can vary from quite large to small again but are usually the size of what the grocery store calls jumbo. My DH thinks I need to cull the flock and start over but the eggs are such a nice size now that I hate to do that.

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