Poor Mr. Betty..blinded by a coyote attack.

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by crycatmcc, Jul 18, 2016.

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    Poor Betty (1&1/2 yr old male peking duck) was attacked last summer by a coyote. (I named him Betty before his drake feathers had grown in and the name just stuck) He survived but lost an eye and has permanent equilibrium problems- as a result of head injuries. The sweet boy had finally adapted to having only partial vision in his remaining eye and mobility issues. He was shunned by the rest of the ducks but was able to be among them & sleep in the coop with them. As if he weren't pitiful enough he was attacked again the night before last and has lost his other eye- so now he's completely blind! I'm heart sick over his condition. I don't mind doing whatever it is he needs regardless of inconvenience- but I wonder if he will be capable of adapting yet again to now being totally blind. He's greviously wounded but seems likely to survive. I have no idea what to do for him. The thought of him alone and blind is heartbreaking. Has anyone had experience with caring for a duck blinded as an adult?
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    I am so sorry to hear about Mr. Betty. do you think the reason he was attacked again was because of being blind in one eye.? if they can't see something coming then they really are sitting ducks.

    Most folks who have a handicapped duck or animal for that matter have to keep theme confined and not let them free range especially since Mr. is now totally blind he will have to be kept in an enclousure where he will feel secure keep all his feed bowls and water bowls always in the same place so you can teach him where they are and he can locate them by himself. Maybe when you bring out his food you whistle or talk real happy to him using same words to let him know food has arrived. Sometimes another duck in with them will help too if you have one that will be happy and cuddle up with him. They can even watch over and show him where food and water is. I would def give him a chance to get over this and see how he adapts he deserves a chance after 2 attacks. I don't think I'd let him swim unless I stayed right there while he did but bathing will be important. What are you using to treat his injuries? and is he on an antibiotic to fight off infection?
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    Poor guy! How are the coyote's able to get to the ducks???
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    Very good question

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