Portable Poultry House plans from Extension Service - but will it fall down?


12 Years
May 23, 2007
I love the idea of a seasonal house that can be dismantled for my grow-out pens. I could put them on grass, grow the birds on pasture, then take them apart and store them for winter.

There are plans for a portable poultry house that comes apart from the University of California Extension Service , but I'm a little sketched out by some things. Like, 1 x 4 rafters. 1 x 4 rafters???? How will that hold up? Unless they plan on no snowload ever (which there wouldn't be if they were only used in summer) and nothing ever falling on the roof?

So I wonder what some building peeps more experienced in construction than I am think of these plans.

Here they are:

Link in google quick view (it's a pdf)

Link to pdf
I'm inclined to ask what's wrong with 1x4s? They seem like they'd be strong enough; especially for a temporary dwelling. Also, I'd assume that the Extension ervice has actually tried and tested this recommendation before disseminating it to the public. Just my two cents though.
It appears they want you to use corrogated metal roofing for the roof. That being the case, it's the roofing that is holding the roof, not the rafters at all. Especailly since they show the 1x4's laying flat rather than on edge at the top like a rafter should be.

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