porters turkeys


9 Years
Jun 24, 2010
Bedford co. PA
So ive been kicking around putting an order in with kevin for some unusual strains of turkeys. really digging the pencilled and chocolate palms, and the silver dapples, and well just about everything else i cant buy locally. Anyone ever get any of these unusual ones? I can find all the bourbons,palm,narris,blacks,slates, and BB birds around here, but im starting to get bored lol.
I got a tiger bronze tom and a blue fawn hen as well as a buff hen from Porters. Also got pr. of calico's which at first looked like sweetgrass. Then compared the colors on his website to identify.
I shared an order with someone last year. I got some Auburns and some Sweetgrass. I ended up with all toms on the sweetgrass, so trying again this year. Getting 15, so hopefully there will be some girls in there this time.
I got sweetgrass from him last year. He shipped 14 eggs and 7 hatched. I had a dog attack and now have a trio of 2 hens and a tom. They look really good and started laying yesterday. I also got some late season chocolate palm eggs and they shipped in 100+ deg weather and only 1 hatched and it's a tom but he is the sweetest thing. Maybe I will pen him with a RP hen later this year and see what we get.

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