Possible Egg Bound, and some questions after reading many threads on the topic

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    My 2.5 year old New Hampshire Red (named Ticker) is possibly egg bound. I just lost another chicken, Ruby, last week to internal laying (I think that's what it was), and I am in knots over this situation with Ticker. Today I went and read a whole bunch of threads here about egg binding and I have a few more questions I hope someone can answer.

    Some quick history on Ticker - over the summer she was close to death... first she had sour crop, which I treated quickly with milk keifer (thanks to a few posts here!). She recovered, but then got sick again with something I couldn't pinpoint. She was hunched up and had her eyes closed all the time. I wormed her and had a stool sample tested (they tested for so many things and it all came back negative). Finally I fed her a handful of grit and within a few days she perked up, then went through a soft molt, and she's been fine since.

    I think she's egg bound because today she's hunched up and uncomfortable. She's out on pasture during the day and is still walking around, but slowly. She's eating some, drinking some. This afternoon I felt the underneath part of her, and right between her legs, maybe back a bit toward her tail, I felt an egg shape on the left side. I felt some other hens for comparison and they are not so "full" in that area.

    Thinking she is egg bound, I looked up previous posts on it and I tried some of the suggestions -

    One suggestion was so put her in a warm bath, so I did. Someone had said that egg bound chickens will squat down and relax in a bath, but Ticker did not squat at all. She just stood at attention and waited patiently to get out. Is that normal?

    Another suggestion was to put an oiled finger in her vent to feel for the egg. That poster said to head upward, otherwise if you go down you are heading toward the digestive tract. I headed up but her vent kind of took me where it wanted to go, and out came a blob of poop. Twice! Is this normal? I did not get far enough down the correct path to feel for an egg!

    I did put a lot of vaseline in her vent - will that help? It sounds weird to say it, but her vent kind of gobbled it up....

    I read that feeding them extra calcium can help, so I crushed up my plant-based calcium pills and mixed them with grapes for her to eat. I added electrolytes to her water.

    If you have any advice for me I would appreciate it! Am I down the right path?

    After her bath today I blow dried her until she was dry, and put her back in the coop. She was happy to be back with her chicken friends.

    Thank you!

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