Possible Rooster Eye Infection

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  1. Chickem

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    Aug 18, 2015
    I just took these pictures a few minutes ago when I went outside to put my chickens away. On of my two Buff Orpington rooster's eyes was sealed shut with what appeared to be pus or something. It was his left eye that was like this, and his right eye seemed fine. As you'll see in the picture, the top eye is the okay one, and the bottom is the worry eye. I pulled down on the skin gently under his infected eye, and the bottom eyelid seemed to bulge out. The left side of his face seemed rather swollen, but there were no obvious injuries near the eye or anywhere else. He was sleeping when I found him like this, and he seemed fine other than the issue with the eye.

    My other chickens include two separate bantam mutts, 4 RIRs, and then another Orpington rooster and an Orpington hen. They're free range during the day, but I coop them up at night. The two cocks never get into any serious fights, just occasional pecking at each other for dominance. They've spent their whole lives together and get along well. The rooster with the infection is even the dominant one, which lowers even more the likelihood that it was from a skirmish.

    Does this seem to be an eye disease? Or could it be from a wound or some other kind of impact?

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    He has a lot of peck marks on his face, comb, and wattles, so it could be from an injury. I would clean his eye with saline once, and use some Vetericyn eye gel or Terramycin eye ointment twice a day. Any pus should be removed with QTips. His left earlobe looks a bit white, so you may want to put some coconut oil or some antifungal cream on it as well.
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    Apr 4, 2013
    Sounds very similar to my Buff. I treated her eye with an eye ointment I got at our local farm store (Tractor Supply). It took about a week of putting the ointment on 2x a day, but it healed right up. I can't recall the name but I'll post later when I get home to check. Basically it's just an antibiotic eye ointment.

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