The chicken nurd

Apr 4, 2021
Hey everyone
I have one hen who has feathers missing but I’m not sure if she’s getting picked on or something else Is going on I noticed this a few weeks ago but didn’t think anything of it at first because she was acting fine and while she’s still acting normal it does look like it’s gotten a little worse
her and everyone else in my flock is acting normal and she’s not the lowest on the pecking order so I don’t think she’s being picked on anyone have any ideas


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It's odd but zooming in looks like it's her feather tips that are being pecked or eaten?
You may want to check for mites/lice, also have read about the mites that eats feathers.

What are you feeding?
How many in the flock?
Any Roos?
Is she the only one with this happening to?
I’m feeding the regulars layers feed but planning on switching to an all flock feed for the ducks
I have 14 birds in my flock 11 chickens and 3 ducks no Roos or drakes
Yep as far as I can tell she’s the only one with this happening to her
Looks like either feather mites or plucking to me. Check her feathers for little lines running across them. Wing feathers are easiest IME. Feather mites are treated with ivermectin, you can put it on the skin on the neck. If it is she won't lose those feathers until her regular molt.Watch the flock to see if someone may be picking at her.
Here’s a picture of her wing I can’t see any lines and I did a look over for mites and didn't see anything either does that mean it’s just pecking


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Also I did a look over of almost everyone in the flock and noticed similar feather issues although not as bad on 2 other hens where it looked like the tips of there feathers where missing

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