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May 18, 2011
My chickens are about 7 weeks old and I just moved them in to the coop today. I am just worried they are cold. They are huddled together. It is 53º tonight. Should I put a light in there? They had outgrown the box we had them in so I cant really move them back inside. Again sorry if this is a dumb question.


Hi and welcome!

Your chickens are not cold. It is natural for them to huddle together. Chickens HATE change, and you just moved them to a big, scary coop. They'll adjust and get used to their new home.

And there are no dumb questions.
So glad I just read your "dumb" question as I had it too. Worried about my little babies out there all alone.
Good question LittleBirdoz. ( Not dumb) Im sure lots of us learn by every single question posted here.

Oh and Hello from Maine !


Nope, not a dumb question.

They'll get over their fear of the dark. They're big kids now and will soon learn to sleep in the dark like big birds do.
I got on here this morning looking for an answer to this question! We put our chicks out yesterday for the first time and plan to lock them in their coop for a few days, but last night we checked on them and they were all huddled together. It was about 65 degrees last night, but we were afraid they were cold because they had been used to the heat lamp. So we put the heat lamp in the coop to be sure.

Now i can remove the lamp and rest easy that they are NOT cold! Thanks so much for all the feed-back!!!

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