possibly impacted crop or tumor???


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Dec 24, 2007
We have had chickens, laying hens and meat chickens, for 4 years. This years batch of 4-H meat chickens is very bazzar! We had a 2-3 week old peep with, what I'm sure was an impacted crop, hard crop, chicken not growing, etc... They are now 8 weeks old. One of our biggest cocks had a large softball sized tumor-like crop. We culled it and it had so much food in it, about 1-2 pounds of food! The crop was soft and gooey. When I palpated the crop, it felt like fluid, not food, and definately not hard. Could that still be impacted crop? They do have access to some small stones. They are on a 28% crumble. It is a shame, the bird was beautiful. Perfect breast conformation and as plump as a meatball. Could have been a champion! Now he's in the freezer. Is he okay to eat?


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Nov 1, 2010
Sounds like he had a infection in the crop, which is why it was so large and full of fluid. No, I probably would pass on that one

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