possibly scaley leg mite,s HELP!


10 Years
Jun 16, 2009
Toms River, New Jersey
hello everyone, i just went out to feed my animals and on one of my bantam crosses, her legs seem really
"ugly", like the skin is peeling off, the scales are all broken and not right, im pretty sure its scaley leg mites, i quarantined her from the other chickens and i read to put some vasaline on her legs, so i smothered some on. i blocked the other chicken from the house area(their pen is raised off the ground on wire with a house with nest boxes and roosts in it) and put a temp. shelter in there for her, it doesnt look liek she has any (theres 2 chickens) the one seems liek she has it, but the other one seems fine. if it is scaley leg mites, what should i do to get rid of them? also, i have blu kote, should i put some of that on?
I believe you can use Vaseline on the legs.
If it is scaly leg mites, you need to clean your perch as well.
The easiest, most effective and least messy treatment that I have seen here is to spray the legs with Betadine (povidine iodine). I can't find the relevant posts--looks like posts have been purged again!
yes, no problem..we just went through treating this and my one GLW seems to be more prone to it and is getting them again...so i'm trying to stay on top of the suggestions myself. will try the iodine next.

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