Possum attack

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Elizabeth berry

In the Brooder
Jun 22, 2017
Thelma has gotten attacked by a possum I need some help please!! This happened at 4 this morning 5D1E7432-2C47-45F4-AE0E-48E523A4F00A.jpeg


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I am so Sorry she should be fine have you trimmed feather looks like maybe if you have betadine to wash it or use bit of soap and lots of water tsp soap half gallon water three tsp to washtub if you want to soak her then neosporin without pain killer
Saline can be good to flush at or clean wounds. Weak betadine or chlorhexidene mixed with water can be good to use initially. Use Vetericyn or plain neosporin ointment twice a day to apply to wounds. Make sure that your coop is predator proof.

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