Post pics of your favorite breed.


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Mar 1, 2011
Gastonia, NC
I LOVE looking at pics of all of your chickens.

I am curious... what is your favorite breed and why? What would be an easy to care for, friendly hen that lays well?

My grandpa had rhode island red's and games (?... I guess that's a breed?) and some with feathers on the feet, I guess bhantoms? Most of his were rescued fighters who'd lost their last fight and were on the way to slaughter. He hated the sport and always felt sorry for the poor roosters.
I like Light Sussex, they're good layers and friendly birds. I also had some Isa Browns in the past. I think they're called Ginger Rangers too, they're a hybrid but also very friendly.
Favorite breed - Ameraucanas.



Ameraucanas are extremely friendly, lay gorgeous blue eggs, are very cold-hardy, are good mothers, and are just plain beautiful. There's a lot I love about them, but I think the big thing is the challenge in breeding them as well as their absolute doll-like personalities, especially in the roosters.

Favorite color of a breed - Tolbunt Polish.


Polish rank pretty high up on my favorites, but they're not No. 1 - However Tolbunts are pretty close! They're a very challenging color, very rare, very eye-catching and gorgeous, and I love the body and personality of Polish as well as their white egg color being so rare these days, honestly. . . So few have white egg layers, but it is a real treat to have a bird this gorgeous lay white eggs! Also, Polish are quite hardy, have decent size, and ours are exceptionally good flock protectors. The females especially will chase even cats.

Buckeyes and White Cornish



Buckeyes are a rare and endangered breed. There performance makes a man Question the reason for there endangerment. There an All around breed that can handle any conditions of weather. And they even have there own little language that no other chickens can mimmic that i have seen thus far.

White Cornish have to be the cutiest chickens in the world they walk around bow legged like a little english bulldog and we know how cute English bulldogs are right?

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