post your chicken coop pictures here!

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    The most obvious thing I think I see is that the roost in the back is probably too close to the wall. Given the coop size, you only need one anyway so put it at 12" from the wall. Doesn't explain why they don't use the forward one though. It is fine for 2 as long as they can get outside.

    You aren't fooling anyone, those kids are WAY older than 6 weeks! Nice way to keep the kids locked up [​IMG]

    I have NO idea but I don't think we'd ever see one in the USA!

    Looks great. Only concern is not build but use - figure out how to make sure the chickens can't get underneath because if they want to stay there (broodies) you won't be able to get them out.

    The chickens don't care what the feeder looks like as long as there is food in it. And it is ALL about the chickens. [​IMG]

    22 nest boxes are WAY more than you need in a 8 x12 coop. Ramp WAY WAY too steep. I would put a "perch" across the front attached (and easily removed for access) at the next stud forward about half way between the floor and the upper box level.

    No pictures but the basics are you want the roost higher than the nest box and you want it where no draft will blow over the birds. The roost should be about a foot (this is a minimum, not an exactly required distance) from the wall for large fowl so they aren't shoving their tail or head against the wall.

    She is going to be one fearless kid!

    Clarification - I never said redwood, it can be any wood [​IMG] . Redwood where I live would be prohibitively expensive.
    The roost CAN be over the nest box as long as they are covered (angled so they don't sit on it) or if you have a poop board over them. Actually not a bad design in a small coop that has enough headroom.

    If your neighbor has a problem with that coop, you are allowed to shoot him. Oh wait, retired police, I guess you can't really do that.

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    LOL I was thinking give him some eggs
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    I learn something from each and every posting - and also the comments on postings. Thanks everyone!!! Keep those pictures coming.

    I am posting my nest boxes - and trough. The 4 girls use the right corner of the trough, and also 3 nesting boxes upon occasion.


    I changed the window seat in the nesting room, but no one has used it yet. Perhaps when my 24 newbies join my 4 in the coop....

    I have hardware cloth for now. I also have plexiglass panels for colder weather. I have 2 bolts on each window frame edge that I will loosen when the plexiglass goes in.
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    This is our medium size coop m dad just built! It has been so much fun so far! It houses 12 chickens and 2 large white geese. :)
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    What kind of chicken is in the picture?
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    well here is todays work on coop, dh can only work till noon as it is a lot for an 82 year old[​IMG]
    tomorrow will be the front roof
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    Outstanding!! He's doing a great that nice big window. Post more pics as you progress...I'll be interested to see them!
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    Good information. Thanks. I'll give the fence a try.:thumbsup
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    Give em a swift kick in the ........

    Maybe eggs would be better???

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