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    Nov 28, 2012
    Om gosh I Love*Love*Love this^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^so cute, tell Colonel Red Rooster "nice work"
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    Yeah, our legal system is a bit different. You usually don't end up with enormous lawyer bills to pay, but you don't get a million in damages for being too stupid to not slip on a wet floor or burning yourself on your coffee. (I have slight reservations against your country's legal system, and might have a bit stereotypical view of it [​IMG])

    The hen that laid the egg is Veera, a Finnish Alho landrace. It is pretty pink, although their eggs can vary from almost white to pinkish, cream or light brown. Here are our Alho's, Veera is the one with most white, and her sisters are Viiru and Virpi. They should lay about 200 small to medium eggs annually. In the pictures the girls are maybe 19 weeks, now they're 22 weeks.

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    Haha! While it will for sure add to his work load, I have a feeling he'll appreciate the smaller impact on the bank account if he builds things for me himself! The Chicken coop only cost about $300 out of pocket since we used mostly reclaimed redwood and free wood from friends. That hardware cloth! That was the biggest expense. We did borrow the power tools from a friend, so I think I have gift ideas covered for the next few christmas' and birthdays. I really want a picnic table next! :p

    Im so glad you looked at my coop and brought these things to my attention! I do have caps for the tops of the PVC but yes.. they can still get wet below so I need to figure that out. Thankfully it's not going to rain for months yet, so I have some time to get that worked out. Should be relatively easy!

    As for the roosts.. I should take a pic of the inside.. But when the birds are roosting and all tucked in, the drafts go above their heads I think. There are two roosts in there, so I will do some investigating and make sure that they arent in the draft. How important is having the roosts above the nesting boxes? The nesting boxes are blocked off for now so that they dont start sleeping there, but I dont want them to develop that habit because of the roosts.

    Last night I peeked in on them around 10pm and they were all cuddled up in a pile on the floor of the coop.
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    Dec 22, 2013
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    I love the coop!! nice use of reclaimed itmes
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    Jun 5, 2013
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    In regards to the 2x4 short end vs flat side a lot of different books I have read suggest to use the short side of a 2x4 for bantams. The reason they give is because they end up pooping more on the board than into the poop tray(if your using one). I started my roost on the short end since my bantams were only 7 weeks when they moved out to the coop. At 11 weeks they still aren't roosting but I moved it to the flat side since they are bigger now.
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    Aug 23, 2013
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    Nothing wrong with that. [​IMG] I like to look at the extra special ones too.
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    Aug 23, 2013
    Portland/Vancouver area
    Great coop!!! [​IMG]
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    Sep 22, 2013

    Almost complete... Just need sand in run and complete the patio around the outside with some rockers!
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    "What? Of course you need a chandelier inside the coop!"

    Very nice.
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    Mar 10, 2013
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    My Coop
    [​IMG]When do I get the key to move in ? LOL... I'm very very sure I can make it work...plenty of room/lighting/ could save the cost of the sand! [​IMG]

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