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    @Vhve, yea...I'm going to do the framing thing..just brought the door up so I would know where that last post should be. Still have to put the wiring and diagonal bracing on the door too. Then comes the framing and hanging of the door.planning to put cross beams up top and some chicken wire asap up there. However, in the mean time,, got to wire the run! Yuk! Pretty hard thing to do by yourself! FUN FUN!%#@%$% !
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    I had dowels too until someone reminded me that they're not parakeets. Lol
    The 2x4 gives them a larger and flatter surface to roost on.

    Oops. Had to fix a typo
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    I appreciate all of the ideas and suggestions that are in this forum! This is my first year raising backyard chickens and I sometimes spend hours looking at this site.

    There is a specific question I have. A friend of mine built my coop and run based on a description I gave him. I just did a slow video tour of it on YouTube and would like some input on anything I need to do to prepare it for winter. We are now approaching September and I'm in Virgina, so it won't get really cold for about 60 days or so. I want to be prepared. I've spent so much time and gotten so much enjoyment out of my flock that I want to make sure I'm doing everything right..

    Will the chickens spend much time outside in the winter? If not, how do I control the amount of poop that is in the coop. Do I let them out in the morning like I have all spring and Summer?

    Your input is appreciated! :)

    YouTube video here:


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    I would partially cover the run with some type of roof so if you get rain or snow they can be outside but stay dry. They can go under your coop so that's good but yes the chickens will go outside year round!
    How many chickens do you have? It looks like you may be at your capacity so it would be important for them to get outside for more room!
    We are in New England so last year I covered my entire run with plastic, but if in VA you probably will not have to go that far! Maybe just the windward side?
    research the deep litter method on here for ideas on poop management!
    Hope that helps!
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    Yes, we held the Auld Mug for a while. Came close to winning it again this year.
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    As long as there are deer and turkey... Maybe a catfish pond or small river..... I'm happy lol
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    [​IMG]Well, in spite of the heat/humidity and company...I got 3 panels of the run done today...its coming!! Cutting wire is a bugger bear !!!!Got another roll of wire to start on tomorrow am... also going to wire and hopefully hang the door tomorrow.. we'll see about the heat. I ran out as soon as dh left this am and got my 2 rolls of wire. Thought I would get more done today but gave out of energy.. I am going to use the 1x2" wire above the hardware wire...what to you all think.??[​IMG] Going to order the next wire thru Walmart...
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    Had a funny happen a couple of days ago.[​IMG].. Someone made the statement that their chickens loved twinkies... I treat mine every so often..between salads, etc. So I went out and found a box of twinkies and took two down to the two coops.. In the first little coop are my older chickens..1 1/2 yrs.. Then there is the new coop that I'm working on and it has 7 chickens in there. 1 is about 6mo and the rest of them are about 4 months. I took a twinkie and broke it into 2 pieces and threw one in each coop. In the older coop, the chickens went wild.... in the newer/younger coop, they wouldn't touch them!!!! Finally took the 2 pieces off of the floor.... LOL they wanted nothing to do with the twinkie. [​IMG] Yep,,,,can you see the 2 pieces of twinkie??? Finally, picked them up and fed them to the older girls [​IMG] [​IMG]These still have creme on their faces!![​IMG]

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