Powdered Sulmet dosage for goat?

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    There doesn't seem to be much activity on the backyardherds forum, so I am posting here.

    I have a female about one year old. Has had "squishy" poop for many months now. I tried different wormers, Pepto Bismal, Pro-biotics, nothing works. She still eats and drinks and runs around with all the other goats, and acts just fine. The rest of the goats have normal poop.

    About 5 days ago I gave them the edible goat wormer grain.

    Today I found some bloody "squishy" poop, which I am sure is from her. Do you think it is the edible goat wormer? Do you think it's cocci? I keep the barn clean and dry and keep their waterers clean. We do have a creek that they drink out of. By the way, I cannot find a vet around here that will treat goats, so no use (again) pounding the phone.

    I have some powdered Sulmet but cannot find a dosage to give her. She weighs about 75 pounds. Anyone know what dosage to give her? Any other suggestions? Thanks.
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    If you can't find a vet to run a fecal, then you can mail a sample in to a lab.

    STOP throwing chemicals into your goats! Especially if you don't actually know they are neede.

    I know the dosage for powdered sulmet, but if your goats are ADULTS, coccidiosis is not very likely.

    Get a fecal. If your goats aren't worth the small amount it costs to have one performed, they aren't worth having.

    A far more likely culprit for runs in an adult animal is the diet. What is she eating?

    Submitting a sample to WADDL will run you about $37. Do a google search for your state vet lab, they will more than likely be half that cost.
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  4. Blondie

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    I've tried to work with the state before - I'll send a fecal to them and MAYBE get an answer in a month or so. I'm not going to wait that long. It's not about the $$$.

    I feed my goats lots of hay, they free range on 3 acres, along with a small amount of grain. I use DE in their food and in their barn. They have free choice minerals and baking soda.

    She is the only one with the problem. I have 9 others that are perfectly fine. I got good advice from the homesteading forum thread.

    Thank you for your opinion.
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    Quote:Actually the goat part of BYH is doing quite well, I'd post it there, too, there are several knowledgeable goat people who can help you.
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    Probably, it was simply from worming her. As the worms died and released from the intestines, you got a little blood coming through. I wouldn't worry about it as long as she is eating and of good weight.

    Sulfamethazine goat dosages are 1cc per 5lbs.

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