Power just went out with 3 week old chicks


Jun 18, 2021
Northeast Pennsylvania
I have 16 3 week old chicks and the power went out. Where they are is between 75-80 degrees so not sure how worried I should get about heat or not. If so what are some good ways to help, and if not I won't worry
If it's 75 - 80, don't worry, but if the temperature drops below 70, cover them with a towel. You could put a thermometer in with the chicks so you know what temp it is. Also, if it gets really cold, candles are great for keeping things warm, I had the power go out with eggs in my incubator on hatch day, and I kept it going with candles all day and the chicks made it. You just have to make sure they can't huddle up against the candles and get burned.
Temperature should be fine for them, but if you're worried, you can fill some water bottles with hot water and wrap them in a towel and put those in for them to snuggle against. Refresh hot water as needed.

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