Prayers for my sister - need feedback on my email please?


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I just got a heartbreaking email from one of my older sisters. She's in her late 50s and raising her two mentally ill grandsons, one of whom just hit puberty.

She's at her wits end after the older boy turned more violent this week and caused injury to the younger one. I'm scared to death of a violent end to the whole mess.

I replied to her asking her to PLEASE consider commitment for the older boy before he seriously hurts someone. Also, to consider sending the younger one to us for a few weeks so she can get a break. Everyone in the family agrees that my DH is able to "reach" the younger boy like no one ever has.

Just prayers, good thoughts, lighting a candle, whatever good vibes you've got.

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Hugs and thoughts for you and your family!
Hope your sister looks after herself as well.
Poor lady... it IS soo hard to deal with those types of kids 24/7.... no break..nothing. You basically become a prisioner in your own house...
I feel for her.
And yes.. sometimes the BEST/KINDEST/SAFEST thing you can do for a child like that is to get him some live-in, out of home, treatment...
Are they being seen by a mental health clinic? Sometimes committment is the only option to get them under control with meds/treatment.
Both boys have more doctors appointments, meds., diagnosises, etc., than you can shake a stick at.

The older boys wires just are shorted out in his head, plain and simple. He hasn't been right since birth.
I have nothing but admiration for folks like your sister who step up and deal with something like she has. She will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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