Prayers for two families I know and like alot!

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    Had two tragedies this week-end. Regardless of whether it was alcohol related, one young man is gone and the other young man has ruined his life. Two families are literally destroyed . . .the boy who caused the wreck lives just up the road from us, watched him grow up the years i worked at school and know his mom and dad pretty well, and they are a great family . . .he lost control of his big truck, went into a field and came back and t-boned the other guy who grew up with my kids and was best buddies with a couple of the girls . . .killed him instantly leaving a 5 year old daughter, and his grandma who raised him just had extensive colon cancer surgery and was to start chemo this week. This was at 2 a.m. and just absolutely ironic that they would meet on this two lane highway where they did . . . I am heartbroken, as the boy who caused the wreck will go to prison for vehicular manslaughter . . .over one stupid decision to drink and drive and a sweet little girl lost her daddy as a result. I can barely think about it, for the heartache this has caused two families. These families needs your thoughts and prayers for the days and weeks ahead.
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    [​IMG] I'll be praying [​IMG]
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    Such a tragedy! Sending up prayers for both families. [​IMG]

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