Preen gland problem...enlarged...bloody...infected?


6 Years
Sep 24, 2014
Found my hen bloody and comb very white not red. Found the problem to be coming from preen gland area. Cleaned her up with beadine and treated with blukote once i hot bleeding to stop and keep her in house first night under light..took light off when she was doing better. She was doing real good eating great got color back in comb...even laying an egg every other day.Still have her in the house...the other night she got to that area and opened up the sore was very bloody had to put flour on it to get the bleeding to stop and she was not doing good but again she is doing ok but this area does not want to heal up. I can not leave it uncovered because she will try to preen and open it up again .I noticed today that it has a bit if an odor.Need help to figure out how to treat this.Not sure if I need to treat with antibiotic and if so what and dose...she is a bantam. I put Neosporin on it and have cleaned with bedine and vetericyn and blukote not at the same time through the weeks she has been in the house. Have been keeping the area covered with a saddle could not come up with any other idea. Please hep.
Sorry to hear about your hen. Can you post s photo? Would you consider a hen saddle so she can’t get to it while it heals up?
Yes we have a hen saddle on her from the beginning but she got it off and caused more damage to the area the other day.I will try to get some photos is vet gross looking and I have cut some feathers so i can clean area better.

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