Preening gland that I thought was an impacted feather... I'm such an idiot


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Dec 12, 2011
North Port, FL
Ok, I had a hen a month or so ago with an ingrown feather. I lanced it and pulled out the bad feather.
Today, I saw a similar lump on another hen who has had a feather loss around her tail for awhile. I noticed the lump and thought she may have been not regrowing her feathers from constantly picking at the "ingrown feather".
Like an idiot, I tried to lance her preening gland. I obviously didn't relieve a feather. I was concerned about what it may be, so began research here and found out - her preening gland. Now I feel like such a jerk... I put some blu-kote on her area but now I am concerned I may have actually CAUSED a problem.. I didn't cut it off but I did cut her skin around it some... Did I just give my hen a death sentence??

Thanks for easing my worries some... it was red and swollen so I'm almost wondering if it was blocked? It definitely didn't look the same as the ones I've looked at in the meantime... I just hope I don't cause a blockage from a scab or something.. guess I'll just keep it clean and keep some Blu-kote on it... Thanks for the reply!

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