Pregnant with IUD in place -- UPDATE HE ARRIVED!!!


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Jun 23, 2009
My niece had an IUD placed after the birth of her third son in May of 09. Well she took a pregnancy test this morning and it said she was pregnant. she is totally freaking out. She really doesn't want to be pregnant again. The last pregnancy was really hard on her. I am worried about her being pregnant with an IUD in place. I am so upset for her.

Yep, he made it about 7 to 8 weeks early. 4 pounds 7 ounces, my BIL said he is all beat up, in neonatal ICU -- so y'all please say a prayer for him. The doctors say he will be in the hospital for 6 to 8 weeks, they are going to do a brain scan and other test to be sure everything is developed.

Kind of scary right now --
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When I worked OB-GYN at the hospital a century or two ago, more women than you would belive delivered healthy babies with copper seven IUDs stuck in the placenta.
she went for an ultra sound today. a friend of hers works in a dr.s office an offered to do it for her. they want to see where the IUD is. I found out that she was told recently that the IUD had moved but the dr.s office told her it should be fine. You know thinking about this more and more, if she is pregnant then there is a reason God wanted another baby on this earth.
Amen! That being said, His plans aren't always ours and I truly feel for her if she is pregnant! Bless her heart, I hope things go well for her and the baby if there is one!!
and prayers!!
Wow...that's pretty rare. I'm a GYN nurse, and I HAVE seen it, but more often the IUD has fallen out. If it is still IN the uterus, she'll have to decide to have it removed (can increase likelihood of miscarriage) or leaving it in place, and hoping it doesn't implant in the fetus or in a bad place on the placenta.

Good luck to her!
Well the ultra sounds shows a baby, about 6 weeks. said the IUD was sideways...the next move is to see if the dr. will remove the IUD or not...God, pray for her and this new life...

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