Prevent PVC Pipe nipple waterer from freezing.


Apr 1, 2015
Southern Illinois, USA
I had a heck of a time last year for about 4 weeks keeping my PVC pipe nipple waterer from freezing. I did several things all which didn't work very well at all. This year im looking for something like a electric cable that I can put directly inside the pipe to keep the water warm and prevent the nipples from freezing. Do you guys know if something like this exists? What do you all do to prevent your waterers from freezing in the winter? It rarely gets below 0 F here in southern IL but we do have a spell where it does not get above freezing (32 F) either.

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I use a large poultry drinker set up on a single cinder block.
Inside the block is a 40 watt light bulb. It has been good for us even in our very cold Upstate winters.
Great cheap alternative to heated poultry drinker bases which cost around $50.

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