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Apr 1, 2009
How long should a non-slip cover be placed over the floor over shavings/straw/ect. before it's safe for the chicks to walk on? For instance, I'm getting baby chicks, standard 3-day old's, and I keep reading that paper towels or terry cloth towel be placed over substrate for a few days, does this apply to newborn chicks or to all? Does the cover stay on for the first week of life? Two? Sorry, I'm confused. I need an exact timeline for when it can be removed. TIA!
if you have plenty of hay/straw/shavings they should be fine

But Im sure there are more people on here that can help you out with what you need help with.
Mine where on pine shavings which covered newpaper for a while, now i know newspaper is the best to use, but they are fine. Adults you don't need to worry about.
I usually just put one paper towel on top of the pine shavings and sprinkle their food on that so it's easy for them to find right away. I only do that for the first day or two. Then they are fine on just the shavings.
The covering over the shavings is just for the first few days, and is actually just to keep them from eating the shavings before they figure out where the food is. Spraddle leg is from standing on slippery surfaces like news paper. I don't usually cover the shavings with anything, and for the first few days I put feed in an egg flat. Then I add a feeder, have both in for a few days then remove the egg flat when I see that they are using the feeder ok.

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