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    Jul 11, 2008
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    I got 6 standard cochins from my feed store that came from Privett Hatchery. They are almost 8 weeks old now and growing beautifully, but the difference in body shape between my 3 colors is interesting. I've got 3 whites, 2 blacks and 1 buff.

    The buff is the thinnest, with a fairly large tail developing. Her feathers aren't as loose, and she seems to have the least cochin build of the 6 babies. I don't know if all their buffs are that way, but this one is.

    The three whites are each developing just a little differently. One is quite small, not much bigger than my bantam cochin, and has quite a few hard feathers in her tail. One is quite large, with nice soft tail feathers, and one is just smaller than her with a few hard feathers in her tail.

    The two blacks are beautiful, very loose feathered, full foot feathering, big heads, and with very soft feathers in their tails. I wonder if this is the standard for most of Privett's black cochins, or if I just lucked out and happened to get two that are developing so nicely. These are going to be some beautiful birds (to my untrained eyes).

    So what do you think of this baby?
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    We have 3 Giant Blue Cochin girls from Privett. They are big, fluffy, and oh so sweet! The are all different shades of blue and slightly different in size, but just slightly. They are one year old and lay well. I doubt they are breed standard, but are all attactive hens. They take a long time to mature and look goofy as teenagers. Overall, very satisfied.

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