Problems incubating


Jan 24, 2021
I have a chick that was stuck in its shell for roughly 9 hours. I softly pealed the egg shell to make it easier for the chick get from the shell. The chick didnt have enough strength to move and just rolled around with part of the shell I thought that was strange so I looked closer and it looked like part of the shell was connected to the chicks but. Late last night the chick was dragging it behind himself and getting blood and poop all over the incubator and other eggs. The chick still hasn't dried off after being in the incubator for that long and it has a bad smell.It somewhat looks like a prolapse.. what should I do with it. I'm also at early day 22 do you think that any other eggs are alive? Thanks Brady


Nov 13, 2020
Upstate New York
How is your chick doing now? The shell could have been connected to the belly button. Maybe posting pics of the chick would help. If I have unhatched eggs on day 24 I usually do a float test.

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