Production Red Thread (type thingy)

I guess this thread is a bit old but I want to bumb it.
Do hatchery RIRs count? They're basically PRs.
I'll just post them anyway I guess. These came from a person with a beautiful RIR rooster that had the nice dark color, but the hens were light so I guess my hens would count as production reds but I like to call them my pet quality RIRs.

First one:

Second one:

First one again:
I have a couple of little 1 week old production reds.

The one on the right and the one on the left. (Different breed chick in the center.)


Awww, so cute! Hoping that at least one of them turns out to be a girl.
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we need to see more of these.

the term 'production red' is a rather unfortunate term, imho.

they are descended from rhode island reds, although some in some places used NH as a cross with the RIR. Why, i can't figure out, if one wanted a laying machine............

Production reds are simply non show quality, non standard bred RIR (in at least some, if not most cases, excepting those which are part NH).

lovely birds, and i have a bunch and will be breeding them
I just got some" Production Reds" as we are refering to them; all of my chickens are hatchery grade. Theses guys are second generation from McMurry stock. The mature birds mine came from looked great. As I understand it, NHR and RIR have been mixed together in the past to increase egg production. There are "Pure Bred" RIRs, but they are very dark red and a smaller more compact bird. I'm looking forward to crossing my RIR rooster with a White Rock and see if I can breed sex links.
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